It’s time for round 2.

The expectations were pitched high after #001 by Playmode.
But this time we received another great mixtape.

None other than Fapples will pamper your ears with a full hour of the finest G-House.


1 Fapples – Good Zone (L.O.O.P Remix)
2 33Hz – U Aren’t Gangsta ( Original Mix )
3 Matheus Slivak – Take You Back –
4 Nikitin – This My Shit (The Beatangers Remix)
5 Thee Cool Cats & Diamn – Hoe’s Call Me Rocky (Original Mix)
6 Volac-My Crew(Fapples Crew Remix)
7 Sammy W & Alex E, Less Is More – Flo Shake
8 Origins Sound – Deep Enough – Original Mix
9 Raphaell C – Gangsta Shit (Original Mix)
10 Dan Lypher – Boom HeadShot (Original Mix)
11 illusionize – Hands Up Ride (Tim Baresko & Simon Joannson Remix )
12 fabricio pec_anha – Gangsta (L.O.O.P Remix)
13 Fapples – Do The Mic (Original Mix)
…and don’t miss their upcoming release on Dear Deer Rec. incl remixes by Thee Cool Cats and Benedetto & Farina.



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The project was founded in late 2009, as part of Project 2 persons: Alexander and Stephan .

The basic style of the project was chosen Tech and Deep house style for the love of smooth and clear Bass and a polished smooth rhythm.

The project aims to create a modern, current, dance music, in which fashion tendetsii producing tracks will be in contact with the innovations of the project, based on their strong but thin-sounding style of writing songs. In his small but cozy studio guys who create works quite successfully rotated roughly “around the world,” which is good. Frequently slides from the “uncles” say that the sound of their demand. The guys try to keep up with modern sound and relevant, and not forgetting to make his shred of originality and exclusivity in each of their work (whether it’s a mix, remix or track)

Their tracks are supported on many radio stations around the world, played by many renowned DJs and producers in the transfer which does not make sense because the list would be really great and tedious.

Available in a fairly well-known labels such as:
Plastic CityLouLou RecordsFrequenza,  Room 69, Simple As ThatPisoLight My Fire

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