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The next awesome artists in our Podcast-Series are The Beatangers!

We proudly can tell, that The Beatangers premiered their brand new remix in this podcast-episode. This pavement cracker will be included on Boogie Vice´s upcoming “Bel Air EP“.

If you are offended by explicit language you should not listen to this mix! But if you like it dirty like we do, play it down!

They don´t take prisoners and of course don´t give a single damn if you listen to the vocals in their tunes. They came to drop some stunning music and they did it in a proper way since we first heard them. No wonder they do it in this mix, again!

With recent releases on LouLou Records, Sleazy G and CUFF, the french producers are one of the biggest newcomer in 2014. Two weeks ago, two tracks of their latest EP “Who Gives a Fuck?” [CUFF] has been #01 & #09 in the Beatport Indie Dance Charts. At the moment, six tracks from The Beatangers are in the Indie Dance Top 100 plus their #1 tune “Nigga Who?” is #68 in the overall Beatport Top 100.

Are you ready for a roller coaster ride with some attitude?

Press play and enjoy Crimecast volume 13! It´s packed with criminal basslines, 808´s and hard hitting snares. Kick it!

Another awesome track we recently fell in love with was a little bit hidden by the shadow of “Nigga Who?” on this release.

A tune which cannot be better:

The Beatangers

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