CRIMECAST #018 | ROB MADE (1 Year Sleazy G Special + Interview)

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Rob Made // Crimecast #018

(1 Year Sleazy G Special + Interview)

We are happy to welcome Rob Made the head of Sleazy G and Sleazy Deep here on Criminal Bassline with a 1 Year Sleazy G Special Crimecast and a small talk about him and his label.



CB: Hey Rob! Good to have you here man!

Rob: Thanks for having me guys, I’m a big fan of Criminal Bassline and all the support you’ve given us this past year, cheers!

CB: Thanks Rob, first of all happy first birthday to your label Sleazy G! You got any celebration planned?

Rob: No parties unfortunately, been so busy! we’re kinda double celebrating as our debut single is still in the charts after one whole year… bigup to Amine Edge & DANCE with their hit LOST. That really cemented our label from day one!

CB: After this year Sleazy G is one of the most known labels in this movement. Sleazy G released stuff from almost all big players in this game like Amine Edge & Dance, Shiba San, Sirus Hood and many more. What are the most exciting things to of happened with Sleazy G in this first year for you?

Rob: We’ve been lucky hitting the scene early and riding it’s wave throughout 2014 with all the big hitters. I was in a good place with Sleazy Deep and receiving more & more G-house so it just made sense introducing a sub-label to the fold. Turned out to be a very good decision and we’re super excited to take it even further in 2015. HARD in L.A. were in touch recently about our own stage in 2015, so I’m very excited for that!

CB: Is there a personal favorite release on Sleazy G?

Rob: Sooo hard to answer, there’s too much HEAT! but personal fav’s come from Amine Edge & DANCE, Shiba San, Ania Iwinska, Animal Picnic, Daniel Fernandes, Thee Cool Cats, Rob “cough” Made, Tapesh, Vanilla Ace, Vintage Culture and yeah, the whole fam…

CB: We are really happy you join our closer family with this Crimecast. What can we expect in this exclusive mix?

Rob: I’ve not gone for the obvious G route, thing I love about this music and I can see it’s where we’re going with it all. It’s not just about rap. It’s house music with balls, attitude and booty shaking bass. So this mix is fusing everything I love right now… A high octane, head fucky wobbling trip of booty bass and ass shaking ghetto business!!! How’s that?!

CB: You speak out what we are thinking! What was the main reason for you to create this sub-label from Sleazy Deep?

Rob: I kinda touched on it earlier but Amine Edge & DANCE came to me with the Frank Ocean sampled track Lost, we as Sleazy Deep were already touching on some G-House with the Clouded Judgement boys and more so it was initially signed to Sleazy Deep. I’d been helping Amine out a lot with the build up to their new label, CUFF as we go way back from his earlier remix for us of Sasch BBC & Casper’s Supersonic. Knowing the scene was gonna blow hard I thought about it and spoke with AE&D asking what they thought of me launching a sub-label using Our G-House Sauce EP as our first release, they loved the idea and Sleazy G was born…

CB: Unlike one year ago people know G-House now. What do you think where this “genre” will go or change in the future?

Rob: I’m thinking less obvious with the “rap”, too many people are just slammin’ a rap on top of a beat and thinking, yeaaaah… It’s giving the whole vibe a bad name. Samples are great but It has to work and work with purpose. I’m all about this booty bass, ghetto stuff and think the genre is already being heavily infected with techno influences which you’re seriously about to hear!

CB: When was the first time you called a track “G-House“ and which track was it?

Rob:  Dunno really, I was getting tracks from Clouded Judgement, Symbols, Chad Tyson and more… But G-House really comes from it’s innovators Amine Edge & DANCE! simple. They brought it to the masses and now it’s (G)lobal, but to answer your question it would have to be Amine Edge & DANCE’s Rack City Bitch. That’s tracks just animal.

CB: When did you start to DJ and how was your first approach to it?

Rob: Waaaaaaay back on the good old 1’s & 2’s! It’s funny as I’ve still never to this day owned my own decks, all my mates had 1210’s or 1200’s. I didn’t need any decks but what I did need and in abundance, was vinyl. I was a serious train spotter and a huge Digweed & Sasha fan, so my main approach was to be as smooth as possible and with extra long mixes. It was an art, progressive house wasn’t the easiest of genres to mix with, cleverly so it taught me well. Everything now is much more DJ friendly with the technology available, I do seriously miss the days of searching by cover or silly handwritten white labels, you know, you knew what you were looking for, it was a different feel but, we adapt and move forwards but always look back to find the future, if that makes any sense, haha.

CB: Is there a most important sound in a track for you? Bassline, hihat, vocal or something else?

Rob: Bass!

CB: What do you think about the current bass movement in general? Is there any preferred style you want to dig deeper into in the future?

Rob: I’m a huge fan of Dirtybird and that booty bass sound. I can hear more of that slipping into G-House but G-House/Ghetto is borrowing from every other type of house music, infact just music right now. I think it’s more about mood & attitude, heads down. Let’s dance!

CB: Can you tell us four upcoming artists you explored recently which our readers should keep in mind in the future?

Rob: Doug English, Ania Iwinska, Cosella & Thee Cool Cats

CB: Your sound in 3 words?

Rob: Cool Dance Music

CB: Big or small clubs?

Rob: Both

CB: How do you combine family and work?

Rob: With great difficulty, you just have to find the right balance.

CB: What are the plans for you and your labels in 2015? Anything planned already?

Rob: Yeah, we have many huge releases planned already well into 2015. We’re coming to HARD in L.A and should be touring with the brands Globally throughout the year so keep an eye out for us, we’re coming…

CB: Rob, big thanks for the talk and your mix! All best for you, your family and of course your music in the future!

Rob: Thanks for having me guys, it’s been a pleasure! One <3 x

This mix is kinda special to us because we have started to talk about Sleazy G with Rob before the actual start and have been a witness of Sleazy G´s way from the first row.

Rob´s track selection is exactly what we like here on CB! It´s all about basslines, groove and this nice little topping with attitude.

Happy 1st birthday Sleazy G!

Rob Made

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Sleazy G

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1) Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Rhyme

2) ADMN – Dance Strutt feat. JH Allday

3) ADMN & Doug English – Motorboat feat. Jen Ingersoll

4) Ania Iwinska – Freek

5) Ania Iwinska – Boogie Man

6) Ania Iwinska – Wobble

7) Heavy Pins & Antonio Santana – Hit That! (Doug English Remix)

8) G-Gang – Ghetto

9) Thee Cool Cats & Bijou – Ball Out

10) Thee Cool Cats – Bruce Willy

11) Rob Made – THE POWER!

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