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[Zero Eleven Music | Suara | OFF Recordings | Defected]

Today, we proudly present you our mix #020 delivered by no other than one of the biggest brazilian producers Gabe! 

We are really happy to relaunch with definitely one of the biggest bassline creators out there.

Gabe is a leading electronic music influencer in brazil and also worldwide a name which stands for unique & futuristic sounds that always got some interesting parts that surprise in an awesome way.

We totally fell in love with his latest releases like the Time To Relax EP on audiophile:


Or his recent collaboration with Volkoder Sex U” on Suara:

This guy maintains an undercurrent of naughty, dark techno, with a veneer of accessible basslines, vocals, and eminently danceable house beats which is exactly what we love to hear at C.B.

This mix is packed with fresh unreleased stuff that is for sure. Enjoy our mix #020!


A closer look on Gabe

Gabe is not one to rest on his laurels. Despite being featured in DJ Mag’s Top 50 under a different moniker, he changed his brand and production style almost a decade ago to reflect new interests.

His styles have ranged from deep house to 2-° step, indie‐dance, techno and more over the last eight years. Major labels and artists have taken notice – Sasha twice featured Gabe as a remixer on his eminent label emFire, and Gabe’s latest releases on house stalwarts OFF Recordings and Defected have gained him acclaim across the globe.

He brings a focused production attitude to his gigs as well, constructing dynamic, musical, and anything‐but‐ordinary live sets based on his studio work. Like most lifelong artists, Gabe’s work is multi‐faceted.

While touring and DJing at dance music’s meccas, including Brazil’s Warung Beach Club, Berlin’s Bar 25/Katerholzig and festivals as far out as Australia, he also owns and manages Zero Eleven Music, releasing prominent new artists from his HQ in Sao Paolo.

This element of giving back to the community is something that Gabe holds dear. “I’m always learning,” he says, speaking of his fondness for collaboration. “Learning for myself, and then being able to teach new artists, to help them, is my favorite thing.” With unparalleled dedication, a resume to envy, and enough energy to take on every continent that will have him, Gabe looks forward to a bright future in dance music.

Eyes firmly on the horizon as a solo artist, member of the eminent Velkro duo, and label owner, this busy man is not backing down any time soon.

Much more to come soon…stay tuned.


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