PAVEL PETROV (Sofia, Bulgaria)

[Suara, Exploited]


We are happy to welcome another heavy-weight when it comes to super-groover & biting bassline business: Pavel Petrov, which is one of our favorite artists out there and we are very exited that he joins our closer family with his exclusive mix for our crimecast-series.

Best selling track on 303 Lovers, many remixes and originals we play since years! He got a feeling for this certain groove and vibe which is exactly what we love. We are happy to have you here at our home Pavel! Now enough talking….Enjoy the music!


Pavel Petrov in detail

Pavel Petrov was born in 1987 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Like most of the artists at the electronic music scene, he first started to show interest to the electronic music when he was 18 years old. Shortly after, Pavel acquired a large number of fans in his own country and consequently decided to start producing music in order to express his talent and also to gain international recognition. His first EP “Free Ur Mind”, was released by the Mexican label “Xela Digital”in 2009. Later, he released tracks for bigger lables like “Suara”, “Gruuv”, “Glasgow Underground”, “OFF Recordings”, “Exploited”, “Trapez LTD” and more. Most of the releases hits the Beatport Top 100 Tech & Deep house charts. Some of his tracks are played by Pan-Pot, Carl Cox, Hot SInce 82, Maya Jane Coles, Sebastien Leger, Claptone, M.A.N.D.Y., John Degweed, Pete Tong (BBC), Joris Voorn and many more. As a DJ he has visited lots of festivals and clubs in Bulgaria, but also in France, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Finland, Moldova, Macedonia.

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Pavel Petrov

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