Featured: DirrtyDishes, Laika & Strelka – Dance Machine EP

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Artists: DirrtyDishes, Laika & Strelka,  Jan Oberlaender

Label: Heinz Music

Release Date: 2015-06-08

Release Info: 

Laika & Strelka:
Both Being Well Established Electronic Musicians, Producing Music Since The Era Of Hardware Samplers And Dat Tape, They Recently Teamed Up For Their New Project Named After The Famous Two Dogs Who Travelled To Space.

Since 2013 the two Hamburger go common musical paths. Within a short time, they found their signature sound and put a stamp on the city with their dynamic and bassline-oriented sets.
In 2014 they got together and the result is the ‘Dance Machine’ EP, four diverse original Tracks and a stellar Remix by the infamous Jan Oberlander and there is sure more to come in the near future!

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