Featured: Sacha Robotti & ZDS – Shaky EP | Toy Tonics

Artist: Sacha Robotti & ZDS

Title: Shaky EP Catalog

Number: TOYT039

Label: Toy Tonics

Release Date: 25.05.2015

Sacha Robotti & Zombie Disco Squad team up to present their new “Shaky Ep“ on ToyTonics.

Shaky, starting of with some thin but tasty rhythmic the main melody evolves and takes it down to the “shake moment“ in which the bass drops and sudden need for movement gets perceivable. As well “Howly“ isn’t marked by complex synthesizer-sounds but indeed catchy melodies combined with some intense vocal-shots, getting disaffected by time. Good work and definitely danceable.

Early feedback from Riva Starr, Karotte, MANIK, Worthy, Mihalis Safras, Gel Abril, Robert Owens and more…

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