1 Namatria – Disco Rocker (Original mix)

2 HeartlyBeats – Get On My Hype (Original Mix)

3 Vanilla Ace & Stage Rockers – Da Party (Original Mix)

4 G-Gang – Ground! (Original Mix)

5 FromDropTillDawn – Nikes On! (Original Mix)

6 Middath – Gangsta (Original Mix)

7 J. Worra – The Hype (Original Mix)

8 GAWP – Make the Call (Original Mix)

9 Frankie Dipper – One Two (Original Mix)

10 FUTURPOETS & Marc Spence – Bad Girl (Original Mix)

11 Holt Blackheath – Coition Intuition (Original Mix)

12 Harry Ley – Psychadelic (Original Mix)

13 Fade Most – The Creeper (Original Mix)

14 John Randle – Deep Down (Original Mix)

15 Abraham Ruiz & Tewax – Every Way (Original Mix)



House Of Hustle in detail

House Of Hustle came about in 2014 with a simple aim to promote house music with an attitude, not bound to a specific genre, more a general feeling of good vibes and pure party bangers. Our musical vision is not based on trends but rather a dope fusion of styles and a strong dedication to creatively evolve. We like it raw, dirty, and most important, we love seeing people go mental to the music we represent. Our love for the analogue sound, 808s, big basslines, sick melodies and naughty vocals most likely shines a light into some of the elements that defines us. At the end of the day music is about uniting people and creating an emotional reaction, which is exactly what we are about, our Hustle Family is growing bigger on a daily basis and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Our creative hustle is here to stay and together with our family we will continue breaking musical boundaries.

House Of Hustle

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