DIMO KYRMANIDIS (Berlin, Germany)

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Happy new year fellas & fellarinas!

We progress with our mix series. Our #35 is delivered by bassline engineer Dimo Kyrmanidis.

A young talent from Berlin which is part of Heinz Music, Berlin. His sets impressed and always matched our vibe when we heard him play at Kater Blau or Sisyphos. So we invited him to the series, he said yes and here we go!

Check his latest remix for Pavel Petrov on Heinz Music. We say he is definitely one to watch in 2017!


Dimo Kyrmanidis in detail

Born and raised in Hamburg, Dimo has always been surrounded by music. In 2008 he first got in touch with electronic music and techno. This experience and sound took over his mind and let him explore a wide spectar of music styles as Tech House, Minimal, Techno & Deep House. In 2011 he started his own event ”Abrakadabra” which became within a year one of the most popular underground partys in Hamburg. His hard work paid off and he quickly established himself as a Dj, to play in every important club in the city. More than that he caught the attention from different Promoters nationally and started to play frequently in Berlin and throughout the country. 2014 he started his residency for the ‘Heinz Music’ label partys at Berlins notorious Kater Blau. After recieving his Exercise Science Degree 2015 he moved to Berlin to focus on his musical carreer and to join the Heinz Music Booking Agency. Today he is passionately working on his first productions, so keep your eyes open!

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Dimo Kyrmanidis

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