Nils Twachtmann (Berlin, Germany)

[Lapsus Music, Bar25 Music]



We welcome another Berlin based producer and DJ to our mix series. With releases on Lapsus Music, Bar 25 Music and many more and a outstanding DJ technic, we are proud to have him here in our mix series.

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Nils Twachtmann in detail

In Berlin the club scene marches to a different beat. The darkest basement can be an epic playground which is still hyped decades after is has been closed. Nils Twachtmann is a child of this city.

Back in the days of turntablism he found himself a mentor in „DJ Rinne“, (back) then a resident of Tresor and member of the Audiomassive Collective. Practicing the vinyl, cherishing the sound of the rave and evolving together with the scene which came to stay, was not only a technical process, but a personal and social experience.

10 years later Nils is known beyond his cities borders for his quality and reliability to play music for connoisseurs. His style is laid back, his sound is fierce/keen. This selfmade specialist works his studio, which has been build to meet his needs over the last 5 years. Labels like Lapsus Music, Fantastic Friends Recordings, Parquet Recordings, Bar25 or Crossfrontier Audio honored this.

Nils Twachtmann

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