PAULI POCKET (Berlin, Germany)

[Kater Blau, Quality Time]


Our exclusive mix #034 is delivered by Kater Blau resident Pauli Pocket. She is definitely one of our favorite DJs out there! Pauli Pocket or how we call her “Madame Bassline” never missed to catch us with her special bassline driven, groovy vibes when she was playing out! After some nights we shared the stages together, we are really happy to have her featured here at our home with a special mix.

Welcome to the family Pauli!

Pauli Pocket in detail

You can buy vinyl-bags, attitude not! Around 8 years ago Pauli Pocket was using a plastic bag for her vinyls to make the crowd shake. She came with her dad to the gigs because at this time she was not old enough to enter a club. Maybe this story is catching us because we all remember the time when this techno-circus was not pro like nowadays and we carried vinyls in all kind of boxes from gig to gig.

Now, there is almost no club in Berlin where Pauli Pocket is not playing regularly, from Kater Blau where she holds a residency, Sisyphos to Suicide Circus, Watergate & Salon zur Wilden Renate. She is highly requested across Germany and now you definitely can call her headliner at events! A real vinyl-bag is now with her and also a cool attitude which totally matches the deep, straight forward & cool vibe she is spreading in her sets!

But enough talk, enjoy the music with Pauli.

Pauli Pocket

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