Reichelt & Raycoux (Berlin, Germany)

[Freude am Tanzen / Upon You / Voltage Music]


We progress in our mix series with two well known talents from Berlin: Reichelt & Raycoux. They always deliver groovy, shaky and sub frequency packed sets, that get the crowd moving! This is what we observed when we saw them playing out loud, everytime! We are very happy to have them boys with a featured mix here, now. Enjoy the music!




Born and raised in the green heart of Germany, Fabian and Ray got in touch with music in different scenes. After several years as rock, soul and jazz musican Fabian got in touch with the electronic music scene at 2006. While Fabian became most famous for his works as singer with artists like Marek Hemmann, Marcus Meinhardt oder Andreas Henneberg and released on Labels like „Freude am Tanzen“, „Upon You“, „Voltage Musique“ or „Saved Records“;Raycoux gained attention for touring under different monikers as house and techno dj since the late 90s all over europe.

With his breakthrough collab album with Marek Hemman as „Marian“, Fabian Reichelt became mostly known to the electronic music scene at 2009. With his enormous musical background it’s been just a matter of time, he also started as a Dj and not only work as a singer only. At this point Raycoux was already touring Europe, Russia and several other countries with different partners.
They finally joined forced and the next years these brothers in crime toured throughout nearly all important german clubs and festival sides. Playing driving and sophisticated house with Fabian’s live vocals from time to time gained them a lot of attention all over the country. With their gigs at Watergate, Kater Holzig, Waagenbau or Rote Sonne they found fans and lover all over the country.

At this time they also found more and more their love to techno music and started to play under a different moniker as „Faray“ to divide der house and techno sounds. After several releases on Andreas Hennebergs „Voltage Music“ or Heinz Music, their tracks and remixes got played by big names like Maceo Plex, Solomun oder Adrian Hour.

In 2015 they finally did an artist album as „Reichelt & Raycoux“ and furthermore toured again playing only live act shows with the Indie-Techhouse Tracks of their album „Circle“.

Now in 2018 they’re back on track to combine once again driving house sound, with big baselines and kick ass grooves and some additional gear and maybe Fabians stunning vocals again.

Reichelt & Raycoux

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