REY & KJAVIK (Frankfurt, Germany)

[Katermukke, Exploited, Well Done! Music]

1. Rey & Kjavik – King Of Rap (Compost Black Label)
2. Rey & Kjavik – Gotham Sandman (RKJVK)
3. Rey & Kjavik – My Bro (Compost Black Label)
4. Rey & Kjavik – Dirty Flavour (TRND MSK)
5. Rey & Kjavik – I Want (Katermukke)
6. Rey & Kjavik – So What (BY awake)
7. Rey & Kjavik – BBR (Free Download)
8. Rey & Kjavik – Casino (Katermukke)
9. Rey & Kjavik – Hustle Big (Katermukke)
10. Rey & Kjavik, Dirty Doering – Black Cat (Katermukke)
11. Rey & Kjavik – Baba City (Katermukke)
12. Nolan – Chase The Fame (Rey & Kjavik Remix) Electronique NU
13. Wonkers – Freak In Me (Rey & Kjavik Remix) Welldone! Music


3 years ago, this man was catching our attention around with his dark, bassline driven beats and selfmade vocals which always had this special attitude. And of course in the beginning his hidden identity made him even more interesting for us and many others. Since that time many things happened together, he was part of our early showcases, our residents shared the stage with him at many different shows, we worked together on a lot of stuff behind the curtains and during this time we became closer friends. This one is a really special mix for us, because Rey & Kjavik is not just an artist we like, he is a real friend & early supporter of the Criminal Bassline idea for a long time now. Good to have you here brother!

Rey & Kjavik is new school and old school at the same time. House music with a powerful, dark twist, deeply rooted within hip-hop culture. The vocals and lyrics are completely self-made, which gives to the tracks a very own unique attitude: “Made in Frankfurt”. No pose, no hype, no flashing. There is no genre, the only way to describe him: Rey & Kjavik!

This mix is also a special to us because it is the first podcast from us which contains only own productions.

It´s time for our homeboy to join our mix-series.

Nuff talk. Enjoy 100% Rey & Kjavik!


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