Stan Starry (Berlin, Germany)



We warmly welcome a Berlin DJ talent to our mix series! We heard him play many times and he impressed us always! We are happy to welcome Stan Starry here now. Enjoy the music!


Electronic music was still underground at the time. Techno a word from a foreign land. In those very days, Stan Starry, born as Marco Kirchner in Gotha/Germany, fell into the black gold and the musical diversity of electronic music around the turn of the millennium.

Stan’s sound can best be described as “techno with heart and soul”. Away from short-lived trends, he likes to play with persevering sets under the skin of his audience, creating those magical moments on the floor that make club nights or festivals special.

Acoustic empathy! Stan’s extraordinary ability to internalize the mood of the moment. See. Perceive. Feel. Play.
Driving techno / tech house sets with a hefty shot of Stan Starry.

His style?
Different! Unlike the others, Stan is one of many.
One of many people you meet on the dance floor.
Maybe the one who puts a smile on your face.
Maybe the one who puts the sweat in your eyes.
Maybe the one who lets you dream.
Maybe the one who helps you escape the next hours of gray reality. Stan gives his sets a soul. His soul. Your soul. Honestly.

Stan Starry

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