RELEASE: Criminal Bassline – Various Artists II


Almost three years after our first release “Various Artists I“ comes part II.

This compilation showcases tracks by supergroovers from all around the globe. Today we suggest a balanced mix between dark & bouncy basslines with a delicious attitude topping. 

We are major-happy to welcome these criminals to the family:

Kollektiv Ost, Beth Lydi, Casimir von Oettingen, Cook Strummer, BEDRAN.,Tony Dia, Kuestenklatsch, Martin Ka, sin:port, ALXJ, Polytoxikomanie, Cross & Avocado, Kamino, NILU (DK) and KAIMO.

Our usual bassline-bouncers Mike Book, Daniel Jaeger, Joseph Disco, DirrtyDishes, vom Feisten and Daniel Neuland are on board as well.

Enjoy the latest menu… (-:

Cat. No.: CB010

Release Date: 2020-08-07

Label: Criminal Bassline


 01. Tony Dia – Tion (Original Mix)

02. Daniel Jaeger & Joseph Disco – Heavybottle (Original Mix)

03. Beth Lydi – Shenanigans (Original Mix)

04. Mike Book – Instant Transportation (Original Mix)

05. Bedran. – Right Flow (Original Mix)

06. Kuestenklatsch – Houston Groove (Original Mix)

07. Casimir von Oettingen – Bumfuzzle (Original Mix)

08. Cook Strummer – For Them All (Original Mix)

09. Daniel Neuland & Martin Ka – U Ready (Original Mix) 

10. sin:port – Strange (Original Mix)

11. DirrtyDishes – Raw (Original Mix)

12. Kollektiv Ost – Kasimir 700 (Original Mix)

13. Polytoxikomanie – Inspector Backstage (Original Mix)

14. Kamino – Introspection (Original Mix)

15. vom Feisten & ALXJ – Helicopta (Original Mix) 

16. Cross & Avocado – Artificial Life (Original Mix) 

17. NILU (DK) & KAIMO – Time To Fly (Original Mix)

What you think?